Welcome to Simply Delicious! At Simply Delicious, we work to help people manage a busy life by providing delicious, local, ready-made meals that are easy to prepare and leave virtually no dishes to clean.

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  • Gourmet Meals

    The Simply Delicious idea was born from a passion for delicious, local food, and quality time spent with family and friends.  The company was formed by a close-knit group of “foodie” friends that enjoyed spending time and cooking together.  Time together was always spent around food, and included a lot of laughter, shared stories and […]

  • How It Works!

    Welcome to Simply Delicious!  We have done our best to take the guess work out of your dining experience. Below you will find some answers to a couple of common questions.   1. Are the packages oven safe?  Yes, all of our packages are rated for ovens up to 400 degrees and microwaves up to […]

  • Catered Events

    We cater too!  Let Simply Delicious help you create a menu to dream about.  Since we like to work and play with the seasons, our options and menus are ever- changing.  We have flexibility to work with your individual needs and tastes, while keeping fresh with what’s in season.  The ultimate success of any event […]

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  • It’s Cold!

    I’m a Mid-west transplant. I remember the winters that were so cold that you needed 2 pairs of socks in your fur-lined boots, the heaviest coat, a scarf around your neck, nose and mouth, and of course mittens. The temperature was below zero and you prayed for snow days.  I traded Mid-west winter days for […]

  • Red Leicester deliciousness

    Have you heard of Red Leicester cheese? The first time I heard of this cheese, I was at a friend’s house. Our friends had returned from a trip to England. Then returned with a few different cheeses to sample, but I was hooked on the Red Leicester. Since Red Leicester is an English cheese, I […]

  • Patience is a …

    Growing up I was always told that patience is a virtue. A few days ago I read somewhere that patience is a waste of time.  That made me laugh out loud since I know a few people who live by that phrase.   To me there are so many things that are worth the wait.  I’ll make […]